International Banks, Medium and Large Financial Groups in Middle East and North Africa that want to lead in these competitive markets by improving processes efficiency, cost reduction and customers satisfaction.

The reason of investment in opening an UAE FRZ subsidiary is connected to the market forecast that Banking industry will be the fastest growing sector, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries. This market is largerly boosted by the still sustained expansion of the Islamic banking sector due also to recent legislation in the some countries in the area.

KBS and Enterprise Spa brings over 20 years of experience in delivering successful projects in different countries and for several banks and financial institutions as well as valuable alliances with important global technological partners.

KBS value proposition combines the offering of a comprehensive Banking suite of innovative solutions that can realistically improve profitability and extend customer reach, with the commitment of its team of professionals to the highest level of quality in a long-term partnership.

KBS adopts a highly collaborative approach to business and is committed to making a sustainable, quantifiable improvement to customer business. From the outset banking industry standard good practice and proven methodology KBS helps customers to streamline business processes and become more agile.

KBS can leverage on a market high level value proposition through main important differentiated values like: Operational Flexibility, Modular Products Completeness, Broad and Rich Functional Coverage, Robust and Reliable Architectures, Flexibility in the Installation and Maintenance, Scalable Solutions, Efficacy, Flexible Integration, Ergonomics, Cost Saving, H24 7×7 Information Systems and High Quality Support.