UniPay is an innovative payments engine offering end-to-end payments processing, delivered as services, throughout the entire lifecycle of a payment transaction.

UniPay manages all types of payments: single or multiple, temporary or permanent, urgent or normal, conditioned, large amounts, SCT, SDD.

UniPay features a dynamic workflow engine for payments process management customizable and capable to add new business services and multiple integration points with existing legacy system.

UniPay provides apposite security, access control audit trails, monitoring and alerting capabilities. UniPay provides also for validation, compliance, repairs and storing of payment transactions. As optional modules, UniPay provides for cash management and cash pooling operations in addition to the capabilities to manage cash-to-cash payments and related functions.

Modular and Service Oriented (SOA), High transactions volumes, High parameterization level, User’s Rules driven Clearing Engine, Multi-language, Multi bank, Multi channel, Multi currency, 

Reduction in operating costs, Increase in transaction volume, Competitive advantage as PSH technology will drive revenue, Faster time-to-market for new payment products, Extensive increase in STP processed payments, Move towards a customer centric system, Prevention of message loss and duplicates, Ensuring payments to comply with International regulations.


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